The Information reports that Apple is investing millions of dollars per day in developing language models and other AI technologies to keep up with the ongoing AI competition in the tech industry.


According to sources cited by The Information, Apple is developing several generative AI applications that can generate images, videos, and text, among other things. They are also working on some kind of conversational model.

It was previously known that Apple is developing a language model (LLM) referred to as AJAX or “AppleGPT” internally. This model is said to be trained on over 200 billion parameters, potentially making it larger than GPT-3.5, one of the language models originally used to create ChatGPT.

The exact way Apple plans to use AI in its operations is currently unclear. However, it has been mentioned that chatbots based on this work could be used in Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, as well as to answer support questions from Apple customers through Apple Care.

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