Amazon has now signed a contract with SpaceX, which means that SpaceX will begin launching satellites for Amazon’s space internet network, Kuiper. It likely wasn’t easy for Amazon to ask for SpaceX’s help, as SpaceX has already built the fully operational space internet network Starlink. Moreover, SpaceX is a competitor to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ own space company, Blue Origin.

Falcon 9

Last year, Amazon signed contracts with other space companies to send up about 80 satellites to Kuiper. This will be done using the three rockets Vulcan, Ariane-6, and Blue Origin’s own New Glenn rocket. However, none of these rocket models have yet reached space, making it uncertain when they can start being used for launching Kuiper satellites.

Amazon's Kuiper network

Amazon’s Kuiper network is approximately four years behind SpaceX’s Starlink. Sometime at the end of next year, Amazon may possibly start offering customers internet from space via Kuiper.

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