The Ancient Cities are structures that are fairly new to the minecraft world and were introduced to the game through The Wild 1.19 update and what’s so special about this area is that it has some items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the game.

Tips For Exploring Ancient Cities in Minecraft

When it comes to actually exploring these Ancient Cities, it is really dangerous and figuring out exactly what you need to do may be overwhelming at first, so to help you get over your fears and equip you to feel a lot more confident going down there this article has some useful tips that you can incorporate into your gameplay. 

Top 4 Tips

Don’t Play With The Warden

Don't Play With The Warden

Ancient Cities are quite challenging to find so it is understandable that when you find one you’ll want to go crazy and find all of the exclusive loot. However, as exciting as this may be it is still extremely important for you to remember to calm down as these Ancient Cities have been filled with Sculk Shriekers that can summon the monstrous Warden and even those Sculk Sensors that are able to trigger the Shriekers from an even further distance. 

Your number one focus, when you get into these Ancient Cities, would be to try and avoid activating these at all costs because once the Warden has been summoned, your safest bet would be to just run away. Although you can technically defeat this giant monster, it is extremely difficult and basically impossible if you aren’t properly prepared. 

Use a Night Vision Potion

Use a Night Vision Potion

As you’ll notice when you make it into the Ancient Cities, it’ll get extremely dark to the point where you are basically completely blind. So, if you want to keep your vision then it would be a great idea to bring some Night Vision potions with you as it’ll increase the brightness for at least three minutes, however you are further able to extend this up to eight minutes whilst you’re brewing the potion. 

In order to make this specific type of potion, you’ll first need to combine a Golden Carrot with an Awkward Potion, which you can brew by mixing just the water bottles with a Nether wart, at a Brewing Stand, and then to get it to last longer you’ll just need to through some Redstone into the mix as well. 

Stay Hidden and Use The Crouch Function

Stay Hidden and Use The Crouch Function

The Sculk blocks are your worst enemies here, apart from the Warden of course, and they’re activated by noise. So, in order to try and avoid setting them off you should try your best to make as little noise as possible when you move, which you can do by staying crouched. Even opening chests can produce enough sound to set these blocks off and call over the Warden. 

Use Wool

Use Wool

As mentioned just above, opening chests can set off any Sculk, so in order to avoid this you can actually surround yourself and the chest you want to open with wool as the wool dampens sound, meaning that you’ll then safely be able to open these chests. 

You should try and make sure that you have a lot of wool because down here they can be your best tool. When you’re down in these Ancient Cities, even placing and destroying blocks will make a noise however, wool is the exception to this, which means that if you need to pillar up anywhere then your wool will be your best bet. Another thing that you can use the wool for, although quite time consuming, would be to line the bottom of the Ancient City with carpets so that you can walk on the ground freely without summoning a Warden immediately. 

Ways to Evade The Warden in Ancient Cities

Ways to Evade The Warden in Ancient Cities

Now if your plan to sneak through the Ancient City has failed and you the Warden has been summoned to your location what should you do? There are a few various options that you have in this situation in order to make it out of there safely. It is also important to understand that just because he has noticed you does not actually mean that he can see exactly where you are. 

So as you could’ve guessed, a good way to get the Warden off your tail would be to just make a noise in some other place to redirect his attention, but how? Well a good idea would be to take some snowballs that you’ll easily be able to just throw into a different direction so that the Warden goes there instead. So, when your diversion snowball hits the ground you’ll have a few seconds to try and get to safety. 

Another great way to explore the Deep Dark and also evade the Warden when he is on your tail would be to fly away, using your Elytra. You should probably do this with a Night Vision Potion activated though as it is extremely dark and you would hate to fly into a wall and die. 

When the Warden has been summoned but you’ve gotten somewhere safe so that he can’t detect any more movement then you can just wait because after one minute you’ll notice the Warden bury back into the ground and actually despawn. This point in time when the Warden is busy burrowing himself into the ground he’ll actually not detect any movement, which means that this would be the perfect time for you to make a run for it if your plan is to get out of there. 

Final Words

Exploring Ancient Cities in Minecraft

So, there you have a few great tips that you’ll be able to incorporate into your adventuring tactics next time you are out in the dangerous Ancient City, foraging for some exclusive items. Remember that being patient and taking your time will be your best friend because one wrong move could cost you all your progress here so be extra careful and slow, but always have a backup plan, just in case your plans go sideways. Happy mining!

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