When it comes to having the best armour in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom then it isn’t only about you increasing your defence so that you can take more hits against enemies in combat. But the world of Hyrule is full of environmental threats, which you’ll actually be able to defuse if you have the correct item of clothing on.

Best Armor in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

So if you may feel like you’re freezing to death on the slopes of the Hebra Mountains, located close to Rito Village, or splatting onto the ground after leaping from one of the sky islands over Hyrule, you may want to consider looking for the best armour to protect you. 

Best Armour to Look Out for 

There are loads of various armour sets you can choose from in this game, so it can definitely become quite challenging to know exactly which ones are the best for you to use. So, here is exactly what you want to try and look out for whilst you’re exploring Hyrule. 

  • Flamebreaker armour
  • Archaic Warm Greaves and Snowquill armour
  • Glide armour
  • Zora armour
  • Midna’s helmet

Flamebreaker Armour

Flamebreaker Armour

When you enter into the land of the Goron, you may notice a strange phenomenon may occur, spontaneous combustion. You’ll notice that when you draw an arrow, the tip will actually burst into flames immediately as any wooden-handled weapons will burn here and your health bar will also begin to deplete very quickly. So as you could expect, the land around Death Mountain doesn’t have much life there. 

You don’t have to accept that this is your fate as if you wear the Flamebreaker armour, you’ll be able to withstand this immense heat in this area. Sadly, your armour will not protect your wooden weaponry and it will still burn but at least Link himself will remain untouched. 

If you manage to obtain and equip the complete set, you’ll be completely immune to any fire damage, however if you just want to enter flaming hot areas all you will need is just a single piece. You’ll be able to purchase this Flamebreaker armour from the Goron armour store, located in Goron City. 

Archaic Warm Greaves and Snowquill Armour

Archaic Warm Greaves and Snowquill Armour

When you’re playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you’ll be visiting quite a few chilly places in your adventures around the Hyrule. Although there are some great recipes that you can craft in Tears of the Kingdom to help raise your cold resistance, the right full set of armour can give you constant protection against those dangerous icy winds and will definitely save you time and items since you won’t need to keep looking for and cooking spicy peppers constantly. 

There are two different ways you can go about resisting the cold weather, with the first being really easy to come across and located on the starting island. The Archaic War Greaves will be able to give you a little bit of cold resistance that will be able to help you in many different locations. You’ll find them located within a chest sitting at the top of a hollowed-out tree, close to the Shrine of Gutanbac. 

The Snowquill armour set

If you want to get a more serious form of cold resistance, you’ll have to be ready to spend some top rupee to get it. The Snowquill armour set can simply be bought from the armour shop, within the Rito Village. If you are successful in purchasing the whole set, you’ll become completely immune to all ice attacks and you’ll also get full cold resistance of course. 

Glide Armour

Glide Armour

When the lands tear apart, after you disturb the Demon King’s mummified remains under Hyrule Castle, you’ll experience chasms being opened up, leading to caves underneath the kingdom as well as floating islands appearing in the sky. 

You’ll be able to reach a lot of these islands by launching yourself to the skies from a Skyview Tower, however if you find it a little challenging to actually control yourself  whilst in the air, especially when you start diving, then this is the suit of armour for you. What the Glide set does is actually give you a lot better and finer control when you are in a dive in the air. You’ll really see this armour set thrive and show its true colours when you find yourself in the aerial obstacle course challenges, which you can find located all throughout the skies of Hyrule. 

You’ll be able to obtain this specific set of armour as a reward for successfully finishing those mentioned obstacle courses, so you will need to complete one of them without the help from the armour first. Once course, which is recommended for those without the help from the armour, is the course that you can reach from Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, which you’ll find located within the Hyrule Ridge region to the west of Hyrule Castle. From this tower you’ll be slinged up to Courage Island, where you will need to complete the dive challenge in order to receive the glide shirt. Once you’ve managed to complete this whole armour set, you won’t take any more fall damage anymore. 

Zora Armour

Zora Armour

Although dying from falling off of floating islands in the sky doesn’t happen all too often if you are someone who is cautious, drowning is actually quite a real problem for most players as if you’ve misjudged Link’s stamina wheel and head into the water, even three feet from the shoreline, there’s a big probability that you’ll actually drown. 

But just like those with a falling problem, there is an armour suit for you, and that is the Zora armour. With this armour set equipped, you’ll be able to swim faster so that you are able to cover a lot more distance in the water for the same amount of stamina you’d use if you didn’t have this armour set. 

What’s more is it actually gives you Zora’s salmon-like ability to swim up waterfalls, which is something that could definitely come in handy when you are exploring a water-filled domain. 

In order to obtain this armour set, you’ll need to meet with Prince Sidon first and then have a talk with his fiancé, who’ll set you on the right path to obtain it. 

Midna’s Helmet

Midna’s Helmet

One of the many dangers that you’ll most likely experience whilst you’re exploring the dark caverns below Hyrule is the toxic gloom and if you spend too much time standing in this purple slick, it’ll result in your heart containers becoming corrupted. After you’ve been contaminated by the Gloom you’ll only be able to reverse its effect by returning to the surface, reaching a Lightroot, or consuming a Sundelion-filled food. 

However, if you instead want to avoid all of the hassle of reversing the effect, you could instead save all that heartache by just preventing the infection from happening in the first place. In order to do this you’ll need to obtain Midna’s Helmet, and once you do all your adventures below Hyrule will be just a lot nicer. What the armour will do is actually give you a free heart container that is able to absorb Gloom for you, so that you will receive a short amount of time where you’ll be able to walk on this toxin without it being able to harm you. 

You’ll be able to obtain this helmet by first travelling into the Eventide Island Chasm and then fighting within the colosseum that you will find there. Once you’ve successfully managed to defeat every wave of enemies, you’ll finally be rewarded with this gloom-resistant helmet, Midna’s Helmet. 

Final Words

So, there you have a full breakdown of some of the best armour sets in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as well as what you’ll need to do to obtain these prized items. Hopefully this gives you some insight as to which armour pieces or sets you’ll need most to protect you the best in your next adventure. 

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