ASUS gaming-focused brand, ROG (Republic of Gamers), showcased a handheld gaming console over the weekend called “ROG Ally”. As the new console was presented on April 1st, there is some speculation whether ROG Ally is an April Fools’ joke or an actual product that the company will release in the future.

ROG Ally

According to the specifications, ROG Ally will run on a custom-built Ryzen APU from AMD and feature a screen that offers a full-HD experience. It is also said to run on the Windows 11 operating system. Ally can be connected to ROG’s external GPU, ROG XG Mobile eGPU, if one wants to stream games from Ally to their TV.

ROG ALLY – ROG’s First Gaming Handheld Console

A few days have passed since April 1st, and there is no evidence yet that ROG Ally is an April Fools’ joke. However, there is currently no information on when it will be released and what the price will be. The video above contains ROG’s presentation video of ROG Ally.

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