Rumors have begun to circulate that Sony will release an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5 next year. According to the rumors, the upgraded console is currently going by the working name “Viola” and could be announced in September next year.

PlayStation 5

The “PS5 Pro,” according to the rumors, will have the same CPU as the current PS5 models but will have a clock speed of up to 4.4GHz, somewhat higher than today’s 3.5GHz. Furthermore, it is said to have a GPU capable of improved ray tracing and higher FPS in 4K games. The PS5 Pro may also get a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Units) intended for upscaling. The RAM is said to remain at 16GB but has become a bit faster, from 14 to 18 Gbps. As for the storage memory, which today is 825GB for the PS5 and 1TB for the PS5 Slim, there are no leaked details so far.

Should Sony present Viola/PS5 Pro in September next year, it is speculated that the upgraded console could then be released on the market in November 2024.

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