Co-op games are really the ultimate test of two peoples’ bonds as you’ll have to be in sync at all times and know when to push and pull, when to give and take and when to talk and when to listen. Hazelight Studios have managed to develop one of the most amazing two player games out there that puts all of these above skills to the test.

This game is able to keep every gamer on their toes thinking and there is never a dull moment with its unique, exhilarating gameplay and ideas. 

It Takes Two


  • Levels are well designed
  • Co-op gameplay is smart and fun
  • Very responsive gameplay


  • Some levels are more fun than others
  • Grow tired of Cody and May as characters
  • A few parts in levels feel very long

In the It Takes Two game you’ll embark on this adventure as a pair of two shrunken parents, May and Cody, where you’ll have to figure out your way through a supersized world with crazy contraptions and humanised objects everywhere.

During this exciting adventure you’ll start your journey in their garden shed, where you’ll then take many detours though everywhere from outer space to a microscopic nightclub located in an air conditioning vent. This adventure that you’ll venture through will take you through about 10 hours of amazing two player fun that will constantly keep you thinking and giving you new ways of being entertained. 

Co-Opportunities that keep you entertained

Co-Opportunities that keep you entertained

One of the things that makes this such a great two player game and what really makes it stand out from a lot of other co-op games out there is that every action or move that you do feels amazing to do. One of the most satisfying movements in this game are May and Cody’s platform essentials thanks to their jump, double-jump and air-dash abilities.

The fact that all of these abilities are very responsive and allow for effortless levels of platforming precision makes it very satisfying for players to do this over and over again, which keeps them entertained for a long time. It Take Two is able to make even simply ascending a cliff turn into very focused choreography between both parties and a whole lot of “3-2-1-Go”s.

Nothing in It Takes Two ever gets boring

This game is able to keep all gamers captivated and one of the ways that they are able to do this is by updating and changing things throughout the game so that nothing stays long enough for you to become bored of. We can see an example of this by looking at the abilities that both characters have, early on in the game versus towards the end.

In the beginning we see that Cody has the ability to throw a bandolier of nails into various walls that plot paths of rungs, so that May is able to use her claw hammer to swing between these. Then later, towards the end, we see both characters evolve and Maya is now able to use a water gun, which is able to soak fertile soil so that Cody is able to plant himself there and sprout into a flower with petals as platforms, so that you are able to reach places and heights you couldn’t have before.

The upgrades in abilities don’t only help you solve puzzles and get you from A to B but they can actually help you in your boss fights as well. One of the downsides to the characters having such a different set of abilities is that there are some times where one character has to sit and watch, while helping the other one have fun pinballing around the area. 

It Takes Two – Official Gameplay Trailer

Another cool element to the game, that shows that the developers really care about making this game fun, is that there aren’t just a lot of objects that serve a clear purpose to the gameplay but there are actually a lot of objects that you can interact with just for fun. One thing that loads of players have fun with is the giant bass drum kick which doesn’t contribute anything to your mission but you can have loads of fun with it by buttstomping it and thumping it with your hammer.

Another cool thing that most people notice but don’t interact with are the lined-up dominoes in the cardboard castle area, which you are able to topple and at the end will knock a small soldier into a pit. Neither of these things will help you with your mission but the game does this to try and cram as much creativity and interactivity into the game as they can to ensure that all of your curious actions go rewarded.

The explorers will especially be happy that you get infinite lives as well as some very generous checkpoints to make you a lot more confident with trying new things. 

One annoying thing

Dr. Hakim

One of the most common things that most people have a problem with in this game is Dr. Hakim, who is one of the characters in this book. Dr. Hakim is basically a talking book who is added to the game to help May and Cody Rekindle the love within their marriage, through this adventure that you will be embarking on.

The biggest problem that most people have with this character is that he is extremely cliche and corny as soon as he is introduced, and you’d think that towards the end of the game it would get better but he doesn’t. The only thing that you can look forward to when it comes to the arrival of Dr. Hakim is that you know you’ll be receiving a new plaything or ability. So, even though his lines may be tough to sit through, you know that there will be a reward at the end. 


Overall this is an amazing two player game that you’ll be able to enjoy with anyone as it takes you through an epic adventure. Every single scene in this game is beautiful and jam packed with creativity everywhere you look. So, if you are someone that has any sort of partner in your life, whether that be a spouse, friend or sibling, then It Takes Two is an amazing game that you need to experience together. 

Leo Beamers is an aspiring car collector born and raised just outside of the city in Cape Town and his interests include gaming, fast cars and enjoys cycling on the weekends.

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