Five years ago, Intellivision introduced the Amico game console, which would make it possible to play various retro games on one’s TV. Amico initially gained some attention through a crowdfunding campaign, but then silence followed, and Intellivision never managed to produce any consoles.

Amico game console

However, the project seems not to be completely dead. Intellivision writes in a statement that they have not been able to produce any consoles due to a lack of funding. In some kind of hope to bring in a bit more money to the company, Intellivision is now releasing an app called Amico Home, which they hope interested parties will want to pay 15 dollars for.

With Amico Home, it becomes possible to play the two retro games Missile Command from 1980 and Astrosmash from 1981. To run Amico Home, you need two Android phones or tablets. One of the devices will function as a screen, while the other is used to control the games.

Considering how the gaming market has evolved over the past five years, it seems highly uncertain that the Amico game console will ever be released. It seems doubtful that particularly many would be interested in acquiring a game console that currently does not support many games, and also does not seem to offer any directly unique experience that players cannot get through cloud gaming services or other apps and hardware already available on the market.

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  1. The app to fund their new game console is a bold move. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for the gaming world. Exciting times ahead!

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