For those gamers who have been playing the new Assassin’s Creed game, Mirage, you may have heard of this chest before, and I realised that, although it may just be a Gear Chest, the process of actually getting to it is really elaborate and challenging if you don’t know exactly what to do.

How to Open The House of wisdom Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

This is definitely one of those Gear Chests that the game makes you work for, so to help you reach this chest, this article has a full walkthrough of how to do so. 



The House of Wisdom

The House of Wisdom

The Assassins Creed franchise has definitely been an amazing one and they are often filled with loads of interesting locations and The House Of Wisdom is one of these spots in the new Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. When on the ground level of this location you’ll find that it is a historical site that you are completely free to explore. If you’ve been playing this game for a minute already then you’ll also know that this is where you can go to turn in any of your Lost Books that you’ve encountered whilst adventuring in the Assassin’s Creed Mirage world. 

Then as soon as you step foot onto the upper parts of the House of Wisdom you’ll quickly be reminded that it is a restricted area and if you do continue and are spotted then you’ll be mercilessly attacked. This is where the first challenge of getting to this treasure chest begins. Sadly getting access to this chest isn’t as easy as sneaking past everyone and opening it, the overall process is actually really puzzling. So without further adieu, here is a tutorial on how to get this chest. 

The House of Wisdom Gear Chest

Acquiring the Key

Acquiring the Key

So before you even enter the House of Wisdom you want to make sure that you are coming at it from the right angle, so you’ll want to approach the House of Wisdom from the Northeast side. When you are at this stage in your adventure you don’t need to worry too much because you are allowed to be on the ground floor and no one will try to attack you. Before you continue to do anything more after this it is important to summon Enkidu, this is because by doing this you can mark all of the guards that are wandering around on the roof. Using this to your advantage you want to try and get a marker on the man with a key, which will definitely come in handy a little bit later down the line. 

Now that you have your opposition scouted out you can start climbing the building and head up to the roof. Once you’ve successfully made it onto the roof you’ll notice that it’ll be pretty easy to try and conceal yourself as there are a lot of planter boxes and shrubs to hide yourself in. Try to make the most of the things you are given and lure guards over to you by whistling at them and then quietly taking them out. 

Don’t get ahead of yourself now and head straight for the chest, you’ll want to first make sure that you have grabbed the key first. The key is possessed by a civilian who you’ll find is sitting on top of the roof of the building, in the northeast section of the House Of Wisdom, it should be pretty easy to find this person if you had already marked them earlier. When you’re making your way to this person you want to make sure that you are as stealthy as possible because there is a Horn Bearer close to a group of three Swordsmen who are on your way to the key. 

It is important that you don’t make yourself known here because once you’ve worked your way to the northeast side of the roof and have climbed up the steps, you’ll have to sneak up on the civilians and pickpocket them. It is important to be hidden because if you are seen or fail the pickpocket attempt, you’ll have to run away, hide and then just wait for the heat to die down and for the civilian to go back to his normal activity. 

Getting To And Opening The Chest

Getting To And Opening The Chest

Now that you finally have the key in your possession you may be tempted to go straight into the room with the lock, which you’ll find at the northeast end. You’ll know that you are in the right place if you look up to the top and there are three windows that you can see. You’ll be able to see that one of them has a much larger gap in between their window’s bars. When you look into this building you should be able to see a big chandelier, this chandelier is the reason as to why you didn’t use the usual entrance. When you have a clear shot of the chandelier you’ll want to take out your throwing knives and aim them at the hinge that is holding the chandelier, if you successfully hit it it’ll go crashing down and land on some jars of oil that’ll ignite and explode. 

Now that you’ve both gotten the key as well as downed this chandelier, you can proceed to enter this room, at the end of the roof, you’ll then need to open the gate and climb to the second floor. When you get to the second floor you’ll notice that you are now able to climb through the hole that you had created, from when you dropped the chandelier onto the floor. When you climb through the hole you’ll finally be able to open up the chest you’ve been lookin so hard for. Inside of this chest you’ll either get the Abbasid Knight Sword or the schematics to upgrade it, that is if you have already somehow managed to acquire the sword. 

 Final Words

House of wisdom Gear Chest

So there you have a full walkthrough of how you can get to and open the House of Wisdom Gear Chest. As with any Assassins Creed game, this level is a lot easier when you try to be as discreet as possible.

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