If you are someone who is focused on having everything run smoothly and fast when they are gaming, then you may probably be wondering exactly how much RAM do you actually need.

How much RAM do you need for gaming

When it comes to deciding on how much RAM you should have then there are a few different factors that you should take into consideration, these factors will include the games you play, the minimum system requirements as well as memory speeds.

RAM, which stands for random access memory, basically saves sections of the game you’re playing in short-term storage so that you are able to easily access it, no matter what speed your storage drive may have. This means that if you are planning on playing games that are complicated and more realistic than most then you will want to have as much memory as you can possibly have. 

What sort of gaming do you do

What sort of gaming do you do

Just like most things that you’ll buy for your computer, the answer to your question as to how much RAM you need for gaming depends mostly on the kinds of games that you are going to be playing and how intensive they are going to be. Some of the most popular games out right now, such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offense all have lower memory requirements like 2GB or 4GB, but you’ll also have other popular games like Playerunkown’s Battleground (PUBG) and Rainbow Six Siege which will instead have a minimum requirement of 6GB or 8GB. 

What the minimum requirement means is just as it sounds, it’s the minimum RAM storage that you should have on your gaming rig to play that game. Then if you’re looking to make your overall gaming experience smoother or maintain a higher frames per second rate then you’ll need to go above the minimum requirement. So all gamers will basically want a system or gaming setup with the best gaming specs in order to boost your performance. 

Recommended gaming memory

Most of the games that you purchase for your computer will have a recommendation of 16GB of memory if your goal is to achieve fast, high-performance play. If you do manage to achieve this much RAM in your computer then you can play basically every game and avoid issues with lag as well as any sort of stuttering. 

Recommended gaming memory

If you are planning on building a gaming setup or purchasing one then you should try and get at least 8GB of Ram storage as a minimum as this is usually quite a good starting point for most games. However, if you do start to play games that are more intensive and may have a larger landscape and you start to notice some lag or choppy game play then these are good signs that you may need to install more RAM to help your PC cope. Then lastly you have the most intensive use of PCs and that is to edit your recorded gameplay, which can be extremely demanding and for that you may even need as much as 32GB to do so smoothly. 

Final Words

So, there you have a breakdown as to how much RAM you may need for what you are going to be using your PC for and hopefully you have a better understanding as to how much RAM you may need. Once you’ve chosen the amount of RAM that you want and have purchased it it is fairly easy to install onto your desktop by yourself. 

Finally, when you are looking at purchasing a PC or building your own one then the memory isn’t the only component that you should be considering when looking at your hardware for gaming. When you look at the specs recommended list for most games they also mention things like your operating system, CPU, adding an SSD, sound card, and graphics cards. So, remember that RAM isn’t the only important piece of hardware that you should be looking at when looking to upgrade your gaming rig. 


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