Sometimes you just want to sit down and play a relaxing pc game with your friends for a laugh. Not to say that it cannot be competitive, but it is mainly for fun.

Fall guys

Fall guys is a very fun and goofy game to play with your friends. The game’s objective is to play different minigames and try to stay in for the whole time until you are the last one standing. There are different type of minigames, for example  there are ones where you run a race and if you don’t qualify for the next round you will lose, but if you qualify you will go on to the next round and then it will be a new type of minigame, it can be a team based game or a solo game. So all you need to focus on is having fun and completing the minigames before everyone else.

Just act natural

Just act natural

In this game you will load in and get to be either the hider or the seeker. If you are the seeker you will get to choose one out of three abilities to help you in the search of the hiders. You will be placed on a cloud outside of the map and you can move around outside the map, your goal is to shoot your friends while they try to hide from you. You have three shots and if you shoot the wrong person three times you will lose and the hiders will win. The hider’s objective is to go around the map and act like an NPC. Because scattered around the map there will be a lot of NPCs that will just walk around randomly and you need to try and act like them so that you don’t get shot by the hunter. The hider also needs to try and get the gems that are placed around the map while they hide from the hunter. You are gone want to get as many gems as possible to win the game and beat your friends.

Among Us

If you and your friends like to go against each other and like to play detectives, then this is the game for you. In Among Us there will be imposters (depending on how many are playing there will be a specific amount of imposters) and crewmates. The imposter’s goal is to kill all of the crewmates and once they have done that they will win. But be careful because they can lose very easily, if the crewmates figure out which people are the imposters the crewmates can vote out the imposters and then the crewmates will win. The crewmates’ goals are to either vote out the imposters or do all of their tasks. They win by voting out the imposters or doing all of their tasks.

FPS Chess

FPS Chess

If you and your friend like board games and shooter games. This is the perfect game for you and your friend. All of the rules are normal chess rules but when you take out one of the opponents pieces, it won’t just take it out, but you will fight for it. All the different pieces have different abilities and different weapons. The better the piece, the better the abilities and weapons it will have. Let’s say for example you try to take out the opponent’s queen with your pawn, then they still have a chance to save their queen because if they defeat you then your pawn will break and you will lose it. But if you win the battle you get to keep your pawn and they will lose their queen.

One armed cook

One armed cook

This game might not look very appealing, but trust me when I say this game is a fun game to play with friends. The point of the game is to run a restaurant and you need to serve as many people as possible before the time runs out. There are different maps with different food for each map, different foods are different hard to cook/make. You will need to take the orders from your customers and then cook their food. Then you need to serve it to them and they will make sure to show you what they think about the food. If you are about to run out of food you will need to order more food on the computer. You will also only have one arm each to cook with, which makes the game even more fun because it brings on a little challenge. The games physics aren’t the best so that makes the game look very funny and gives it a more fun vibe.

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