Now, OpenKylin 1.0 has been released, China’s first operating system released under an open-source license. OpenKylin is based on Linux and is said to resemble the Linux distribution Ubuntu according to some who have tested the operating system.

OpenKylin 1.0

On top of OpenKylin, there is the UKUI desktop environment, which is also developed as open source. According to OpenKylin’s website, 3867 developers, 271 companies, and 74 interest groups have been involved in the development of OpenKylin.

China’s 1st open-source desktop OS OpenKylin released

The operating system comes with software such as the WPS office suite, Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, and a video player. OpenKylin runs on x86 computers as well as computers running ARM or RISC-V processors. You can download the operating system for free here if interested. In the video above, you can take a closer look at OpenKylin.

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  1. I wish to try it, but the link I used fails: “505 Bad Gateway”. Maybe because it is Chinese it is blocked. Where can I download an iso of OpenKylin 1.0?

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