Apple aims to start mass-producing next-generation screens to reduce dependency on rival Samsung and gain more control over the supply of this crucial component, reports Nikkei Asia. Apple has invested heavily in the development of microLED screens over the past decade and plans to carry out the manufacturing process in-house with partners, similar to its approach with chips.


MicroLED screens are a new technology that is more efficient and can be made thinner than OLED screens. They offer better outdoor performance and can be used on curved or foldable surfaces. Rumor has it that these screens will first be used in Apple Watches and are planned to be ready by 2025. Apple has various R&D departments for screens in the USA, Taiwan, and Japan.

Apple will collaborate with ams-Osram for microLED components, LG Display for substrates, and TSMC for 12-inch wafers. Apple has also developed micro-OLED screens for its augmented reality devices in partnership with TSMC. Over the past ten years, Apple has invested at least $1 billion in R&D and samples for microLED technology.

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