Music Business Worldwide (MBW) reports that Spotify is starting to remove some music from its service that has been generated by artificial intelligence. It specifically concerns songs created with the help of Boomy, an AI service that was launched in 2021.


Spotify works to counter artificial streaming

It does not seem like the songs have been removed because they were generated by AI, but rather because Spotify suspects that the streams of the songs have been manipulated, meaning that someone has created a bot or similar that has “listened” to the songs. A spokesperson for Spotify tells MBW:

Artificial streaming is a longstanding, industry-wide issue that Spotify is working to stamp out across our service. 
When we identify or are alerted to potential cases of stream manipulation, we mitigate their impact by taking action that may include the removal of streaming numbers and the withholding of royalties. This allows us to protect royalty payouts for honest, hardworking artists.

Boomy has noticed that their music has been removed from Spotify

Boomy, which does not upload music to Spotify themselves, has noticed that some music generated through their service has now been removed from Spotify. You can find a statement from the company that operates Boomy below.

Boomy Statement

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