Palantir, the American defense company founded by Elon Musk’s old PayPal partner Peter Thiel, has showcased an artificial intelligence that can be used for defense and warfare.

The Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform

Large language models are used to provide operators with information on the battlefield

The Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) can use large language models, known as LLMs, to provide operators with the ability to obtain information about what is happening in different areas, as well as to initiate various activities on the battlefield. This could include deploying drones in combat, suggesting different attack methods, and disrupting the enemy’s communication system.

AIP has built-in features to ensure safety and human control

Palantir AIP | Defense and Military

According to Palantir, AIP has built-in features to ensure that the artificial intelligence handles different situations safely and ensures that a human operator always has full control over the actions that the AI decides to carry out. Above, you can check out a demo of AIP that Palantir released when it presented the system.

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