Modular AI, the company founded by Chris Lattner who created Apple’s Swift programming language ten years ago, has unveiled a new programming language called “Mojo”. Mojo is described as an AI-focused language based on Python.


Some who have looked into Mojo describe it as a kind of “Python++” and Modular AI itself writes about the language:

Mojo combines the usability of Python with the performance of C, unlocking unparalleled programmability of AI hardware and extensibility of AI models.

Mojo has not yet been publicly released, but you can read a bit more about the language and experiment with it at the link below. In the video below, Fast.AI’s founder Jeremy Howard talks about Mojo and he seems very impressed with the new language from Modular AI. You can also read about what Howard thinks of Mojo here.

Jeremy Howard demo for Mojo launch

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  1. I’m really excited about Mojo! I love the idea of a new programming language from the creator of Swift. I can’t wait to learn more about it!

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