Amazon has updated its guidelines for authors looking to sell their books on Amazon, now requiring authors to disclose whether their books have been entirely or partially written with the assistance of generative AI.


Amazon has taken this step in response to protests from The Authors Guild, an American author organization, regarding Amazon selling books authored by AI. In its updated guidelines, Amazon states, “We define AI-generated content as text, images, or translations created by an AI-based tool.” Amazon makes a distinction between books written by artificial intelligence and books where AI has aided in various parts of the book’s creation, with the latter not requiring disclosure by authors or publishers seeking to sell their books on Amazon.

Despite Amazon’s requirement for authors to disclose if their books were created with generative AI, Amazon customers will still remain in the dark about this. Amazon will not indicate on its e-commerce platform which books have been created with the help of AI. However, this is something that could change in the future, as reported by the news agency AP.

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