Last week, it was finally time for SpaceX to test its massive rocket, Starship, which ended up reaching around 40 km above Earth before exploding.

Starship Launch

The Starship test provided SpaceX with a vast amount of data on what needs to be done to improve the spacecraft and its accompanying Super Heavy launch rocket. It also appears that SpaceX must modify the Starship launch pad, as it sustained significant damage when the Starship lifted off from the ground.

The launch pad was completely destroyed in the Starship test

Super Heavy Starship Launch Pad Sustained Massive Damage

As seen in the clip above and in the photos in the embedded tweet below, the launch pad on the launch pad was completely destroyed. Where the launch pad once stood, there is now only a crater. SpaceX must now consider how to avoid destroying the launch pad during future Starship launches. Ars Technica writes:

SpaceX will have to make some hard decisions now about whether it needs to build a flame trench underneath the rocket to carry away exhaust and heat or whether an upgraded water deluge system can handle the immense amount of thrust from the vehicle. The company will probably end up constructing the former.

SpaceX is planning another Starship test in a few months

SpaceX will also check if the launch pad suffered any damage during the launch. After this week’s Starship test, the company’s founder, Elon Musk, stated that they planned to conduct another test of the Starship in a few months. Below is a replay of the Starship launch.

Starship Explosion Video: Watch Elon Musk’s Rocket Explode After Launch | WSJ

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