The US space agency NASA announced yesterday that their partners on the International Space Station will continue to support work on the ISS for at least five more years.


Among other things, Russia will stay on the ISS until at least 2028. Previously, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos stated that Russia would remain until the end of 2024, which many interpreted as Russia leaving the collaboration in 2025. Russia has also previously stated that it plans to build its own space station, ROSS. There are also reports that Russia plans to build a new space station together with China.

In addition to Russia staying on the ISS until at least 2028, it is also clear that Japan, Canada, and the countries that are part of ESA, the European Space Agency, will remain on the ISS until 2030. After 2030, it is planned for the ISS to be retired. Hopefully, NASA and some of their partners will have a new space station in place by then.

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