In conjunction with China’s launch of a new crew to its Tiangong space station, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced plans to land humans on the moon before 2030, something the country has never done before.

China plans to land astronauts on moon by 2030

To prepare for a manned moon landing, China plans to develop a new rocket called the Long March 10 and a lunar lander, for which they have already presented a concept proposal. However, China’s new lunar plans must be approved by the Chinese government for them to proceed.

China plans to land astronauts on moon by 2030

China also announced plans to add an additional module to its space station, which means the space station will eventually consist of four modules.

Above is a segment from Sky News discussing China’s moon plans and their space station. Below, you can watch today’s launch of Shenzhou 16, the mission that will take three new crew members to China’s Tiangong space station.

Update: China Launches Shenzhou-16 Manned Spaceship for 5-Month Space Station Tasks

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