Although Spider-Men are already really strong this doesn’t mean that you can’t take them a step further and improve them even further.

The Best Suit Tech Upgrades in Spider-Man 2

You may already have found out that you can upgrade your abilities and passive skills but you can even get some more upgrades from your Suit Tech. These are often just passive changes that are made to your character, however they can still come in pretty handy for some of the challenges in the Spider-Man 2 game, and both Peter as well as Miles will be getting these upgrades. 

Although it may be tempting to just go and get new suits, you should try and hold off from getting them until you are able to use your tech parts for these upgrades. You can boost your suits in regards to all things from offence to defence and traversal. 

Top 5 Suit Tech Upgrades

Top 5 Suit Tech Upgrades

5. Rejuvenating Parry

A new mechanic that has been introduced into the Spider-Man 2 game is the ability to parry your opponents’ attacks instead of just dodging them, furthermore there are actually some types of attacks that you won’t be able to dodge so you’ll be forced to parry.

This new mechanic is definitely fun to use and after you’ve managed to master it it’ll become an essential tool in your fighting kit. 

The Rejuvenating Parry will essentially give you another way to heal yourself without purely relying on focus. This way you’ll be able to recover your health by still staying defensive as well as saving your focus to finish the enemies who are dealing this damage to you instead. 

4. Life Link

Probably the best gadget that this game has to offer, and the first thing that most people think of when you say Spider-Man, are the web shooters. These are capable of not only trapping but also quickly incapacitating enemies, depending on what timing you have.

So through common knowledge, you can deduce that in order to be the most efficient spider you can be, you’ll need to use your Web Shooters constantly. So, how do you make them better? 

So essentially what the Like Link upgrade will do is heal you every single time that you use your shooters. Although the amount that it heals you is relatively low it happens upon every single web shot, and when you’re in battle you’ll usually need to shoot your enemies multiple times anyways, thus resulting in you getting healed even more.

So this upgrade is definitely extremely useful if you’ve taken some damage from your opponents but not so much that you’d be willing to waste a Focus Bar on healing yourself. 

3. Air Marshal

Air Marshal

Another extremely important way that a lot of players like to fight crime is by being airborne a lot of the time. When you aren’t on the ground, you’ll notice that the enemies aren’t able to deal too much damage to you. Furthermore, if you are fighting enemies without any ranged weapons then none of them would be able to do anything if you were to pick one of them up and fly away with them whilst beating them in the air. 

So essentially what the Air Marshal upgrade will do is enhance your abilities to beat up these enemies by increasing the damage that you cause whilst you’re airborne. This means that you will be able to take care of each enemy you have airborne a lot quicker so that you can then focus on your next victim. 

2. The Floor is Lava

What this upgrade essentially is, is the Air Marshal upgrade but on steroids. With this upgrade you’ll find that when you remain in the air beating someone for extended periods of time your damage will temporarily increase and can go as high as 50 percent extra damage, which will then sadly dissipate when you touch the ground again. 

You are technically able to keep attacking enemies one by one whilst staying in the air by using tricks such as yanking opponents or doing air kicks, which as a result means that you’ll be able to keep this increased damage for a longer period of time. So, if you are careful and make sure that you don’t touch the floor, you’ll be able to take down a lot more enemies even faster, which definitely makes Air Marshal and The Floor Is Lava a perfect duo. 

1. Health, Damage and Traversal Passives

The last and arguably most important upgrade that you can do is a choice between health increases, damage increases and more speed when it comes to web swinging or gliding. One isn’t more important than another, they’re all very useful, and you’ll definitely have more than enough tech to make sure you get all of them, as well as every suit tech upgrade, so you’ll instead have to think along the lines of which one you want to prioritise and get first and foremost. 

It is a good idea though to prioritise health because the traversal upgrades won’t necessarily help you when it comes to combat. The damage dealing upgrade would be the second priority as combat encounters will definitely be a lot easier if you are able to deal more damage to enemies. 

Final Words

Suit Tech Upgrades

So, there you have some ways that you can make your life as Spider-Man a lot easier when it comes to keeping your city and the world safe. Spider-Man is already quite a powerful individual but how can you say no to a little more power. 

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