Just over ten years ago, Leap Motion showcased a computer accessory similar to Microsoft Kinect, which allowed users to control computers using gestures. Since then, the company has changed its name to Ultraleap and has focused more on virtual reality applications. Now, they have introduced a new version of their accessory – Leap Motion Controller 2.

Leap Motion Controller 2 can be attached to VR/AR/XR headsets and track a user’s hand movements, which can be used to control the VR experiences displayed in the headset. The new controller will be supported on Windows, macOS, and Android. Compared to the first version of Magic Leap, Magic Leap 2 is more energy-efficient, has a larger field of view (FOV), and a chassis that is 30 percent smaller than its predecessor. You can see a picture of both versions above.

Leap Motion Controller 2 is available for pre-order now for approximately $140, and deliveries are expected to start sometime this summer. Below, you will find Ultraleap’s presentation video of Leap Motion Controller 2, as well as some images demonstrating how the controller looks when attached to a VR headset.

Elias Stevens is a freelance journalist, personal chef, and tech enthusiast.

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