The new robot vacuum cleaner, Matic, takes a different approach to cleaning your floors. The vacuum is designed to move around your home in much the same way most people do, by processing visual impressions instead of spatially.


It uses five RGB cameras to navigate, rather than the sensors, bumpers, and lidar technology that most of today’s robot vacuums rely on. This should, in theory, make it less prone to getting stuck on common obstacles for robot vacuums, since it can actually see where it’s going in real-time instead of relying on a map.


It also operates locally without sending any data to the cloud at all. It doesn’t even require an internet connection to function, so your data never leaves your home. However, the robot is taller than other vacuums, which unfortunately means it can’t get under spaces like sofas and beds, for example.

Matic is currently priced at $1,495 and is set to start shipping in March next year.

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