Watch The Prince of Darkness in this hilarious new commercial for the new Playstation VR2 as he plays Horizon: Call of The Mountain whilst battling off Sharon.

Ozzy plays Horizon- Call of The Mountain on PS VR2

Sharon wants him to pack for a trip to England. However, Ozzy wants to play his new Playstation game proclaiming “I’m very technical these days”.

Horizon Call of the Mountain – Ozzy Osbourne vs. Stormbird | PS VR2 Games

A nice touch is the video thumbnail playing hommage to the old 80s Maxell commercial “Blown away guy”.

Maxell blown-away-guy
Maxell blown away guy – Maxell ad in the 80s

Eventually, his gaming gets so animated he lets out a cry of pain. This causes Sharon to come in to check on him. “A stormbird tried to bite my head off,” he says. Making reference to him biting the head off of a dove in 1981, then a bat in 1982.

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