Filmmaker Jordan Peele has impressed with his last three films Get Out, Us, and Nope – and now fans of the director receive positive news, namely that his next film is on the way.

Jordan Peele

According to The Wrap, the premiere of the upcoming film is planned for December 25, 2025. However, we currently have no information on what the upcoming film will be about, but it won’t be too long before we hear what kind of film it will be.

Peele keeps his plots secret for as long as possible (at CinemaCon last year, he showed an early trailer for Nope revealing the spaceship and asked exhibitors to not tell the public about it), but he has given one teeny tiny hint of a future project. He’s said there are other characters and ideas in Nope he might be interested in following up on. Is this that? Probably not, but with Peele, the mystery is half the fun.

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