Apple announced yesterday that their sci-fi series Foundation will be getting a third season. The series is based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy and the first season started airing on Apple TV+ in 2021.


So far, there are no details about what will happen in the third season. However, it’s not entirely impossible that it will be set even further in the future in the struggle for the galaxy. Between the series’ first and second season, there was a time jump of over a century. Regarding the plot of the upcoming season, the series’ showrunner David Goyer says:

I’m thrilled Apple has given us the opportunity to continue chronicling Asimov’s pioneering galactic saga. This time, the stakes for Foundation and Empire are even higher as the Mule takes center stage, along with fan-favorites Bayta, Toran, Ebling, and Magnifico Giganticus.

When the third season of Foundation will come to Apple TV+ is still unclear. However, it’s not entirely impossible that it will be sometime during 2025.

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