Last year, Microsoft delivered a batch of Xbox Series X/S consoles with special hardware that could detect how much power the consoles were consuming in different scenarios, with anonymized data. Microsoft is now sharing the data it has collected to help game developers optimize their games to be a little more sustainable.

xbox power consumption

As an example, an Xbox Series X consumes about 122 W in games and 52 W in apps, while an Xbox Series S consumes 61 W in games and only 31 W in apps. More statistics can be found below.

Xbox Series X:
Global average game power: 122W 
Global average app power: 52W 
Action Adventure: 115W 
Card & board: 104W 
Shooter: 127W 
Sports: 125W 
Puzzle & Trivia: 105W 
Platform: 106W 
Role playing: 120W 
Sports: 125W 
Racing & flying: 123W 
Simulation: 130W 
Family & kids: 115W 

Xbox Series S:
Global average game power: 61W 
Global average app power: 31W 
Action Adventure: 62W 
Card & board: 58W 
Shooter: 64W 
Sports: 60W 
Puzzle & Trivia: 55W 
Platform: 55W 
Role playing: 62W. 
Sports: 60W 
Racing & flying: 61W 
Simulation: 64W 
Family & kids: 58W

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