Currently, Nvidia’s GPUs dominate the market for AI calculations, but maybe AMD can increase competition in that segment in the future. News agency Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is helping AMD develop its GPUs so that they may become as efficient as Nvidia’s GPUs in the future, which is not the case today according to some benchmark tests.


Exactly how Microsoft is helping AMD develop GPUs is not mentioned, but it is said to involve some “support” and “technical resources.” Microsoft and AMD have previously collaborated on, among other things, Ryzen processors for early Microsoft Surface models.

Bloomberg’s article also mentions that AMD is involved in Microsoft’s own AI chip Athena, which surfaced a few details last month. However, this was denied by a spokesperson from Microsoft, according to Ars Technica. Athena is also intended to replace some of the tens of thousands of Nvidia GPUs that Microsoft uses to power its Azure-based data centers.

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