AMD announced today its new Z1 chip series, which are processors intended to power upcoming handheld gaming computers, that is, mini-computers that can be used for gaming both on the built-in screen and through an external display.

AMD Ryzen Z1 series

The first two processors in the Z1 series are the Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen Z1 Extreme. The Extreme version of the Z1 consists of eight Zen 4 CPU cores and twelve RDNA 3 GPU cores. According to AMD, these can deliver 8.6 teraflops of graphics performance, which can be compared to the 10.28 teraflops of the Sony PlayStation 5 and the 1.6 teraflops of Valve’s handheld SteamDeck.

AMD Ryzen Z1 series processors

The standard version of the Ryzen Z1 will have six Zen 4 CPU cores and four RDNA 3 GPU cores, and can deliver 2.8 teraflops of graphics performance. You can find various benchmarks and charts for both chips in the Z1 series in the slideshow below. In it, AMD showcases the fps performance for different games with the new chips.

AMD Ryzen Z1

The upcoming handheld gaming computer ROG Ally from ASUS will run the Ryzen Z1 Extreme, AMD reports. When the chips will become available for other manufacturers who want to make handheld gaming computers is still unclear.

AMD Ryzen Z1 extreme
AMD Ryzen Z1 series

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