Earlier today, we wrote about IBM’s progress in the development of quantum computers, and it seems that the company has significant plans for the future of quantum computing.

IBM Quantum

IBM states that by 2033, they plan to build a quantum computing facility with a total of 100,000 quantum bits (qubits). This can be compared to the quantum computer IBM showcased last year, which had 433 qubits. In a news release, IBM further describes the powerful quantum computer they plan to build:

We recognize how challenging it will be to build a 100,000-qubit system. But we see the path before us — we have our list of known knowns and known unknowns. And if unforeseen challenges arise, we as an industry should be eager to take them on.


IBM has initiated collaborations with the University of Tokyo and the University of Chicago, which will assist in building the enormous quantum computer that they hope to present in ten years. In the video below, IBM shares more details about their future plans for quantum computers.

The 100,000 Qubit Quantum-Centric Supercomputer of 2033

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