IBM states that with a new technology they have developed, they have enabled a quantum computer to solve problems more efficiently than traditional supercomputers can, a concept known as quantum supremacy.

IBM quantum computers

This involves an error-reducing technique that aims to eliminate the disturbances that quantum computers are highly sensitive to. IBM Research Director Darío Gil commented on their quantum computing progress:

This is the first time we have seen quantum computers accurately model a physical system in nature beyond leading classical approaches. To us, this milestone is a significant step in proving that today’s quantum computers are capable, scientific tools that can be used to model problems that are extremely difficult – and perhaps impossible – for classical systems, signaling that we are now entering a new era of utility for quantum computing.

US president Joe Biden and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna examine a quantum computer
US president Joe Biden and IBM CEO Arvind Krishna examine a quantum computer at the company’s facility in Poughkeepsie, New York.Credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty

Google is currently IBM’s biggest competitor in the quantum computing market, as they claimed to have achieved quantum supremacy four years ago. However, at that time, it involved solving a single problem that did not have any particular practical utility. With the new technology that IBM has now developed, they believe that within two years, quantum computers will be able to effectively solve certain problems more efficiently than supercomputers, as reported by Nature in an article that can be read here.

In the video below, some researchers from IBM discuss the new error-reducing technology they have developed for quantum computers and how it may impact the future of quantum computing.

Quantum Utility: IBM Quantum and UC Berkeley experiment charts path to useful quantum computing

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