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Google unveils Pixel Fold

After images of the Google Pixel Fold leaked several times, Google itself revealed yesterday its upcoming foldable phone. Google did not disclose any specifications of the phone, as these will be presented in more detail during the Pixel Fold’s official presentation at next week’s Google I/O conference. Previous leaks have suggested that the Pixel Fold […]

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Snapchat is testing sponsored links in My AI

Snapchat first launched its chatbot “My AI” as recently as February and has since rolled out the new AI feature, powered by ChatGPT, to all users. Now, the platform is taking another step towards a mature product as it starts experimenting with sponsored links in “My AI”. For example, My AI can suggest a local […]

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Samsung prohibits employees from using ChatGPT

Samsung is joining several organizations that prohibit their employees from using generative AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The new policy is being implemented due to concerns that employees may upload sensitive code and that it will then be stored on external servers, making it difficult for Samsung to find and delete the content. The company reportedly […]

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New trailer for Prehistoric Planet

Today, Apple released a new trailer for its prehistoric series Prehistoric Planet, whose second season will debut on Apple TV+ later this month. In the series, we follow CGI-generated dinosaurs and learn a little about them with the help of David Attenborough. In the new season, viewers will get to meet isisaurus, pectinodon, quetzalcoatlus, and […]

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Next month’s PlayStation Plus games

May is just around the corner, and that also means that some new games will soon be available on Playstation Plus. The games that PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers will have access to from May 2nd are GRID Legends, Chivalry 2, and Descenders. Grid Ledgends for PS4 and PS5 is a thrilling race game including a […]

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Hyundai to build a lunar vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group, together with six South Korean research institutes, will develop a vehicle intended for moon exploration. It’s a 70 kg solar-powered rover that Hyundai will build using technology from Hyundai and Hyundai-owned KIA. This includes equipping the vehicle with cameras, lidar, motors, solar panels, and batteries that Hyundai and KIA have developed for […]

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Lego releases more Sonic stuff

In 2021, Lego released a Sonic the Hedgehog building set which seems to have been appreciated by fans of Sega’s classic mascot. Now, Lego is releasing four more building sets where Sonic and his friends take center stage. The largest of the building sets is shown in the picture above and is called “Sonic’s Green […]

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Check out when Starship goes to space

Today, SpaceX will make another attempt to send its giant Starship rocket into orbit around the Earth. SpaceX had originally planned to carry out Starship’s space test on Monday but canceled it because there was a little trouble with one of the spacecraft’s valves. If everything goes as planned today, the 70-meter-tall Super Heavy star […]

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Starship is ready to go to space

SpaceX founder Elon Musk stated over the weekend that the company’s new spacecraft, Starship, and its super-heavy rocket, Super Heavy, are now ready for their first unmanned space mission. However, before that can happen, SpaceX needs permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US aviation authority, to launch the 120-meter-high vehicle from the ground. […]

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Zoom gets higher IQ With new AI features

Zoom is the latest service to receive new features based on artificial intelligence. Zoom IQ, as it’s called, will be able to summarize chat threads, organize ideas, and generate content for chats, emails, and meeting agendas. Here are the new features coming to Zoom: It is currently unclear when the features will be rolled out […]