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Trailer for “Still Up”

Apple has released a first trailer for their upcoming romantic comedy series “Still Up,” which you can watch here. The series revolves around a man and a woman, both struggling with insomnia, which seems to bring them together in nightly conversations about everything but the feelings that appear to develop between them. “Still Up” premieres […]

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Trailer for Reptile

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming crime drama “Reptile,” where Police Inspector Tom Nichols (Benicio Del Toro) finds himself tangled in a complex case. In addition to Del Toro, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Silverstone also appear in the film. “Reptile” premieres on Netflix on October 6th.

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More Fargo is coming this winter

This fall, the fifth season of Fargo is set to premiere. The series has already delivered four quite brilliant seasons with intriguing stories and star-studded casts. This fifth season doesn’t seem to deviate from that formula, as in this season we’ll be able to see Juno Temple, Jon Hamm, Joe Keery, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, […]

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New Trailer for Heart of Stone

Netflix has now released Heart of Stone, the film where we get to see Gal Gadot play the role of spy Rachel Stone. In the movie, Stone is tasked with preventing hackers from obtaining the “world’s most powerful weapon” possessed by the peacekeeping organization she works for. Heart of Stone premiered on Netflix yesterday, August […]

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A Trailer for The Continental

Here we have the first trailer for the upcoming miniseries The Continental, which is the iconic hotel for assassins in the John Wick universe. The series consists of three episodes where we follow the young Winston Scott and how he managed to take over The Continental of New York during the 1970s in New York. […]

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Barbie has grossed over 1 billion dollars

The movie has attracted many to the theaters, and it has already earned over 1 billion dollars, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing data from Comscore. According to official Warner Bros. estimates, Barbie has already grossed $1.03 billion in the global box office, in less than 3 weeks. I’ve been in this game […]

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UFC is coming to Meta Quest

Meta will start streaming MMA matches from UFC in its VR app, Xtadium. This collaboration is part of a partnership Meta has established with the American streaming service, UFC Fight Pass. In the future, Meta also plans to feature UFC Fight Pass in its “metaverse” world, Horizon Worlds. The broadcasts will be available in 4K […]

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl gets a sequel

Two years ago, Nickelodeon released its answer to Super Smash Bros., and soon a new version of the game is coming. In Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2, players will have the opportunity to battle with characters from 21 different shows, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Squidward Tentacles, and Jimmy Neutron. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 […]

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Teaser for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

During this weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego, AMC unveiled a first teaser for their upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, The Ones Who Live. This spin-off will follow what happened to the characters Rick Grimes and Michonne after they disappeared from The Walking Dead in the ninth and tenth seasons of the series. The teaser released […]