Many people believe that the college students of today’s generation are very lucky because almost all the things that they need are available. If they are aiming for help with college homework, some websites are ready to help. If they are looking for a “write paper for me” type of website, lots of  top paper writing services are available for them. In this modern era, it is no secret that curriculums are more vigorous than before, that’s why lots of undergraduates are looking for ways to improve their productivity. Luckily, there are now lots of apps and websites that can help them develop productivity and skills. But before choosing an academic helper. it is advised to read some college paper writing service reviews. 

 To help every college student regarding this matter, we gathered a list of best apps for college students that can help them to have a better and easier college journey.


It is not surprising to see that budgeting is somehow tough and challenging for many university learners. This is the main purpose why they should aim for websites like StudentRate since this is one of the finest platforms where students can find discounts for textbooks, technologies, and even things regarding student traveling.


Another tool that you should take into consideration is Evernote. This productivity app will allow you to have easy note-taking during classes. The students can go for any kind of transcripts, whether it is audio, text, or image, and you can put them all together on your laptop, phone, and share it with your classmates. This tool is appropriate for group assignments and makes users more productive.


If you have a hard time reading your books, regarding your literature class or anything because you are already tired or something, then listening to Audible is beneficial to you. Using this app will allow the student to utilize their time productively since they can listen to things regarding their subjects while they are walking or waiting in line.


Of course, students should never forget the app called Alramy (Sleep if U Can). If you want to be a successful student, you should learn not to be late. Try this app and see if you can sleep again once you hear this alarm. Yes, it is annoying, but rest assured that you won’t be late for your classes because you will get out of your bed!

Google Drive

Of course, Google Drive has also plays a role in the lives of students. This app may seem very simple, but this is known as a game-changer. This app will allow the learners to save and share all their documents.

Campus Books

This tool is considered as a beneficial app not only for the mind but for the wallet as well. This app will allow the learners to search the web for the bookstores near you. This one will allow you to locate the best stores to buy, rent, and sell your textbooks.

Isn’t it good to have such tools for university learners to help them have a better and easier college journey? These are all proven great and effective Apps in helping every college learner to be comfortable and satisfied. Use these tools, and you will surely become more productive, and you’ll  have fun!

Megan Nichols is a science writer and editor for Schooled By Science. She enjoys reading and writing about the latest innovations in technology and science.

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