0330 numbers were first introduced in 2007 as the alternate of 0800 numbers. They helped a lot of businesses to reduce extra operational costs while helping them get reliable calling data.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the 0330 numbers. This user’s guide of 0330 numbers by WeNumber will cover some important topics. So, let’s start with the meaning and benefits of 0330 numbers.  

What Are 0330 Numbers?

These are the non-geographical virtual numbers used by different organizations and businesses. Companies use 0330 numbers as they are limited by the area code and work across the United Kingdom at local call charges. 

0330 numbers are considered as the best alternative to 0800 numbers as they are affordable and easy to use. Almost every big or small business is using these numbers as their phone calling solutions. Business owners can also find more solutions on WeNumber.

Calling Charges of 0330 Numbers

Every service provider charges a different call rate for the 0330 numbers. For example, An ASDA mobile Subscriber can call a 0330 number for only 8p/minute while a Dida mobile subscriber pays 10p/minute for the same. 

You can find the accurate call costs on the official website of WeNumber.

Benefits of Using 0330 Numbers

Using 0330 numbers is considered as the best way to cut extra operational costs of the company. Here are some of the major advantages of 0330 numbers: 

Local Call Charges

The biggest advantage of using 0330 numbers is their affordable calling solution. Callers are charged local call rates on dialing a 0330 number to connect with the customer support of any organization. 

Better Connectivity

0330 numbers have way better connectivity than the 0800 numbers. You will never have to hear the boring caller tunes while paying your bill or booking your ticket.

Easy to Relocate

These numbers are free from area codes and make it easier for organizations to relocate. They can go anywhere in the United Kingdom while using the same number for their organization.

Single Customer Support Number All over the United Kingdom

Organizations no longer need to use multiple numbers for different area codes. 0330 numbers allow them to use a single number that can be dialed by their users from anywhere to connect with them.

How to Get an 0330 Number for Your Business?

Earlier, getting a 0330 number had some limitations for the private companies. However, now you can use a 0330 number in the United Kingdom by registering a virtual number of your organization. 

Dozens of virtual number providers can help you get a 0330 number for your business. WeNumber is a great place to register your 7 digit number without waiting for the number to activate. Normally, these numbers take hours or even days to activate. 

However, WeNumber provides you with an instant service to activate your number just after registering it. We recommend using this virtual number provider as they offer additional tools for the business to advance their calling solutions. 


The 0330 numbers have provided a great alternative to the freephone and premium numbers. It is something that works for the company and the users as well. The benefits and advantages of using these numbers are the main reasons behind their increasing popularity.

If you are looking for a reliable solution to use for your calling support number, WeNumber is the right place for you. They are offering virtual numbers without costing you extra calling charges all over the United Kingdom. 

This user’s guide of 0330 numbers has covered all the major benefits of using these numbers.

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