Our average day begins with the coffee maker merrily bubbling away while we take a quick shower, have a bite of some refrigerated oat bars, check out the latest news on the internet, call up a couple of friends and then hail a taxi to reach the air-conditioned interiors of our office. While we manage all this with impunity lets spare a thought for the people who made it possible for us to lead such rich lives.

The pictographic here is a vivid reminder of all the people and their efforts which have made modern technology possible. Electricity, plumbing, food processing, computers and more, these are some of the staples that we take for granted today. However, a lot of thought and effort was put by the generations before us to help us enjoy these facilities.

This informative pictographic sums up the journey of man since the dark ages till date beautifully. There is some trivia here as well to keep you amused. Chef George Crum came up with the first potato chip in 1853 which was meant as a put down to an overly fussy customer. Our journey to where we are now has been a long one, however it is by no means over as we continually strive to improve and advance in our day to day lives.

The People Behind the Way We Live - Infographic

Irfan Ahmad

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