Remember the days when a school project entailed a trip to the library. If we were lucky we could find what we wanted amidst the tombs of the first library we visited, If not it could very well mean a couple of wasted days as we scouted from one library to another searching through the vast catalogues for the information we required. Roll forward a couple of decades and now we are capable of writing a thesis on any subject in the world thanks to the ever prevalent and all knowing internet.

Technology has moved in leaps and bounds in the last few years. However, the progress has been a steady one ever since its inception.

The infographic here portrays a vivid picture of our digital journey since 1947 when one of the world’s first digital computers ENIAC was powered. Certain milestones like the creation of microprocessors in 1971 or the founding of Windows or Apple in 1975 and 1976 respectively really stand out. However, each milestone shown here is an important thread sewn in the overall fabric of technology.

There is a lot that technology has done for us and would continue to do as we keep expanding its horizons in the future.

The History of Technology - infographic

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