Do you remember the days when we used to hurry home to catch the prime time airing of the indomitable series ‘The X-Files’?  Fast forward a few years and now nobody bothers with the actual time that a show is aired,  Mulder and Scully can wait while we finish the last of those important reports; time shifted viewing, wherein we record everything we like and then watch them at our leisure is now the order of the day.

Technology has come a long way since its inception. The infographic here is a potent representation of the distance that we have travelled in just the last few years. The supersonic ride from boom boxes to wireless systems, from VHS tapes to Netflix and more have left us all truly gasping for breath. VTech’s Connect to Cell Phone home system is another stellar example of all we have achieved in the last few years and portrays the impact that technology has had on our lives improving it manifold.

This boom in our everyday technologies is by no means over. Each day we see a number of new apps, companies (like LLC Wyoming) and gadgets entering the market, all aimed at making our lives a little simpler and a lot better.

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