Like many people, you probably spend most of your time inside your car. And as you very well know, cars can acquire a lot of mess over time. This is especially true when your children are always on board with you. 

A space full of clutter can give anyone a headache. And it’s even more stressful if you have to shell out your budget on costly repairs because of poor upkeep. Hence, cleaning the interior of your car is important for maintenance and value. 

So to reduce your stress when commuting or doing road trips, here are some simple tips to keep your car clean and free of mess.

Keep The Surface Clean

Stock a few auto wipes in your glove compartment. These are handy if you need to give your steering wheel, dashboard, etc. a quick rub down. It’s also a quick solution for getting rid of dust accumulation and filth left from your hands and fingers.

Place a Small Trashcan Inside Your Car

Prevent trash accumulating by always keeping a small trashcan or a plastic bag inside your car. Place it somewhere accessible, and don’t forget to take it out whenever it’s full.

Make Your Headlights Shiny Again

Grime will build up on your headlights over time, which gives them a yellowish hue. The simplest and cheapest way to solve this is to rub and polish some toothpaste (not the gel type) on them using an old toothbrush. 

Once you’ve brushed them thoroughly, apply a few sprays of warm water. Rinse it off with paper towels. Follow it up with a quick application of your favorite wax and then wipe the wax off to reveal your shiny, sparkling headlights.

Shakeout Your Car’s Mats Regularly

You can’t avoid getting the flooring of your vehicle really dirty quickly just from your shoes alone. Shaking the mats out frequently means that you don’t have to vacuum them as often.

Create a Convenient Car Kit

Having a car kit is with all your essentials is an excellent idea, especially during emergencies. Use a large bag with plenty of pockets or consider investing in a small storage box. Next, place all the things laying around your car that you constantly use. Or you can create one with the following items:

  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Flashlight
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Grocery bags
  • Bug spray

Organize everything in your container or bag and then place it in a convenient spot. Now all your everyday necessities are tucked away neatly in one place.

Clean Your Cup Holders

One of the things inside your vehicle that can get dirty real quick is the bottom of the cup holders. Aside from the filthy bottom of cups, we tend to use those little spaces to store our trash. And this is something we’re all guilty of. 

So when you’re done with your drive-through coffee throw it away once you get out of your car, or throw it in the trash can. Doing so will prevent the buildup of condensation that will drip down, creating that nasty sludge. Furthermore, you can quickly clean liquids before drying up or crumbs using the wipes you have in your compartment or car kit. 

Additionally, you can prevent your cup holder from getting sticky from spills and drips with a liner. Alternatively, you can use your silicone cupcake liners. Simply remove them when they need cleaning.

Tidy Up the Seats Right Away

There’s a high chance that your car seats have nasty stains on them if you have pets and kids. On top of that, its cushion seams have plenty of crumbs, dirt, and pet hair.

To take care of these problems, get an old toothbrush and brush them off the cracks. For sticky stuff and stains on leather or vinyl, you can apply a magic eraser. Also, make sure you have a stash of paper towels or napkins in your vehicle so that you can quickly eliminate messes. Waiting longer to address them will result in more cleaning effort on your part.

Keep a Small Container for Change

Store your loose change or coins in a small container. You can even use an empty chewing game container. This allows you to avoid wasting time rummaging through your purse when you need to pay the toll or feed the meter. Set your container in the front cup holder of your vehicle, where you can easily grab some coins whenever necessary.

Create a Set Of Car Rules

Everyday dirt is unavoidable. Nevertheless, the majority of them are preventable as long as you establish a set of car rules for everyone. The rules set will probably differ with every situation. But the key here is to ensure that the entire family is on board with your plan.

Here are some rules you may consider:

  • Avoid eating inside the car. If it’s not possible, you can reduce spills and stains by using handy, on-the-go snack containers.
  • Drinks should be in containers or bottles with firm caps.
  • Take out all the trash once you or a family member is done driving the car for the day.

Whatever rules you set, make sure everyone sticks to it to keep your mess in the car at bay.

Cleaning Gadgets and Tools For Deep Cleaning

It’s vital to deep clean your vehicle from time to time to maintain its beauty and prolong its lifespan.

You have most of the things you need if you own a decent pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, and a variety of cleaning products. Mix in an assortment of sponges, rags, brushes, and towels and you’re all set.

If you’re planning to give your car some deep-cleaning, here are some tools and equipment to keep in check:

  • Vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum with hand-held attachments and extension hose. You’ll need these when cleaning carpets and tight nooks.
  • Pressure washer. Cleaning the exterior is also vital to protect your investment. Power washers like the Tornador are excellent at keeping your vehicle clean. Likewise, using the right cleaning agents, nozzle, and pressure can get rid of even the toughest dirt. However, these machines are powerful and should be utilized with the utmost care. So make sure to read this Tornador FAQ before starting with your car-cleaning task.
  • Cleaning products. You may already have all the necessities you need to wash the surfaces of your car, including carpeting, upholstery, plastic, and vinyl. Inspect your vehicle’s surface quickly and gather what you need in a basket.
  • Polishing and wiping cloths. If you’re looking to do some serious detailing job, make sure to prepare several rags and towels. A microfiber cloth is perfect for giving surfaces a gorgeous shine without worrying about scratches. For scrubbing, you’ll need terry cloth towels, while fine, lint-free cloth rags are ideal for polishing and cleaning. Also, ensure that the rags you use are free of residual chemicals.
  • Applicators and brushes. It’s a must to have brushes of different sizes to take care of dust from hard-to-reach spots like air vents. Don’t forget to check the instructions on your cleaner’s label so that you’ll know which applicator you need to use. Doing so can make a world of difference.

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