Being a parent in the current smart digital era is quite a challenge. Parenting was never easy, taking responsibility for another life and ensuring that little person remains unhurt both physically and emotionally at all times can be a quite a task. However, the current exposure or should we say over-exposure of the teens to smart gadgets has increased the burden on parents to keep their children safe from cyber-crimes, sexting, cyber-bullying and a host of other pitfalls that await them in the online world.

Statistics show that nearly 90% of the teens have an online presence while 73% of them are on social media. The infographic here paints a true perfect picture of all the things that can go wrong with your teen if they are left un-monitored in the maze of social groups and cyber peers. An interesting fact here is that the human frontal brain which is capable of curtailing impulses and engenders sound judgment does not form completely till mid 20s. Thus, teens are unequipped to make the right decisions and you need to make it for them.

Limiting their smartphone or tablet times and monitoring all that they do when online can help bring up a safe and confident child. Ensure that there is enough family interaction without gadgets intervening to further boost their self-esteem.

Parenting Guide to Tech Safety - infographic

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