There was a time not long ago when international calls used to cost a hand and a foot. A loved one going out of the country meant that we could talk with them on the phone once every month if we were affluent or once a quarter for the more penny-pinching souls. Fast forward a couple of decades and now thanks to Skype, Facetime and more we can interact with our loved ones each and every day no matter where they are and we can manage it at almost no cost at all. It’s the power of internet that has made this possible.

Internet has enriched our lives manifold. We have started taking this technology for granted now, however a peak into its origins can help us appreciate what we have a little better. This infographic here shows how far we have travelled since the 1950s when the first satellite, the Sputnik was launched into space.

The internet has made some giant strides in the last decade. From those snail-paced dial-up modems to the 4G networks of today, the advances made are mind-boggling. The latest in the world of internet is the launch of Rocket Fiber in 2015 which promises to make our internet experience a lot faster, secure and affordable.

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