The time spent behind an office desk has increased manifold in the last generation. While our parents found it possible to go for long, leisurely strolls we can hardly find enough time for a 15 minute stint on a treadmill. Thus, it has become increasingly difficult to remain healthy in the work stressed world of today. However, technology seems to have intervened and can help us lead fuller and healthier lives if only we would give it a chance.

Smartphones are our constant companions through the day, thus it is only natural that they be used to monitor and track our health. The infographic here shows the rise in the popularity of health apps which can log everything from our food and water intake to the number of steps walked by us on a daily basis. These apps can help us come up with health goals and ensure that we remain focused by keeping us aware of our progress in the right direction.

Some apps like MyFitnessPal and Argus seem especially useful as they not only track the exercise that we received on a particular day but also keep track of the calories we burnt against the number of calories ingested. Several devices like the Smart Body Analyzer, FitBit Flex and more can also help us in losing those extra kilos with ease.
How Your Smartphone Can Make You Healthier

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