Communication has evolved for the better. Gone are the days when physical letter sending was a rage. Physical letters lack the importance they had back then. Email culture is not only the better way to communicate; it also saves a lot of cost and is environment friendly.

Mails like yahoo mail have attained the importance they deserve in day in and day out conduct of business or own personal usage. The wide usage of people far and wide of yahoo mail have necessitated in making the mail service compatible with other additional perks.

This is where yahoo fax service comes into play. Yahoo mail can not only be used to send and receive mails but can also be substituted into a virtual fax machine. Minus the cost of an expensive fax machine, yahoo mail can serve as the perfect fax service.

If you are now pondering over how a yahoo mail account can be used as a faxing solution, Google Fax Free page will open your eyes. While yahoo mail cannot do it per se, you require the impetus of CocoFax.

At the onset itself, you must be aware that yahoo mail belongs to the digital platform. On the contrary, fax operates on an analogue telephonically signaled platform. These two formats work on incompatible devices and are fundamentally different from each other.

This is where CocoFax gets them together and allows these formats to interact with each other acting as virtual faxes.

CocoFax- The best online fax service

CocoFax essentially acts as a translator connecting the digital and telephonic signals of yahoo mail and fax (machine) respectively. Faxes are preferred by corporations by and large because of the security and reliability they provide.

When the concern is safety and security, not just any translating app can be trusted with the translation. CocoFax has the standing and reputation of being the most preferred translating app and the most reliable platform of virtual fax exchange.

There is a reason why CocoFax has emerged as a trustworthy and dynamic online fax service provider. As compared to other remote fax services, it serves as a very reliable solution.

Sending and Receiving faxes online from Yahoo

With CocoFax in place, all your fax issues will go for a toss. There are a few prerequisites that need to be in place to initiate the process of sending out faxes from yahoo mail. It needs to be ensured that you have a valid yahoo mail account and a CocoFax subscription.

CocoFax provides you with a fax number free of cost, but you must have the fax number of the recipient you intend to send fax to. You also require a stable internet connection to be able to use the functions.

Sign up for CocoFax

Get a subscription and sign up for Cocofax. This platform offers a 30 days free trial plan on signing up. On successful sign up on the platform, CocoFax also offers a fax number. The signing up is rather quick and efficient.

Yahoo Mail Process

After the registration is completed, you would need to open the yahoo mail app or web browser. For sending a fax, you can start with composition of a new mail.

Requirements for the Fax

For composition of the fax document, you need to make sure that the below procedure is followed:

In the recipient column, you need to specify the recipient’s country code and fax number. The country code and fax number must be followed by The fax email will act as a digital identity and substitute of the fax number.

The ‘Subject’ section and the body of the email are optional contents and rather irrelevant for sending out the fax. If you do enter a subject, it will appear as a note on top of the faxed document. Similarly, the body of the email will formulate as a cover page.

What is important is recognition of the fact that the faxed document must be added in the form of the attachment. The body of email should not and does not constitute the fax. Whatever format of the faxed document is, it needs to be added as an attachment.

CocoFax accepts all sorts of document types like doc, docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files as attachable documents. Whatever the type of file is, it is received in a pdf format only. While other apps pose restrictions in the type of file that can be attached, CocoFax offers a lot of advantage.


Double checking is a very suggestible way before faxing. It is important to check that the fax number has been entered correctly. Cross verification of information is essential in every communication type and sending out fax through mail is no exception to this fact.

After so check and reconfirm, the moment you hit ‘Send’, the document will head to the desired fax location. Upon successful delivery of the fax, you will attain an email confirmation and delivery notification on your yahoo mail.

That is pretty much it! CocoFax really simplifies the process of fax into an array of a few simple steps. Receiving a fax works in similar lines. Your email registered with CocoFax will automatically receive all faxes that are sent out to that number.

Faxes received on that number will appear in the inbox. This leaves little or no room for leaving out an important fax.


With the help of CocoFax, yahoo fax service can be attained in only a few steps. Sending and receiving faxes through Yahoo mail accounts could be so simple, who would have thought? Regardless, CocoFax acts as a perfect catalyst into making two unrelated formats interact with each other.

You can visit the Google Fax Free page to know how CocoFax has an array of interesting ways that can induce faxing abilities. Faxes are not only made easier, but also efficient through platforms like CocoFax.

Gone are the days when people used to rely on fax machines which occupied space and created operational issues. Virtual fax platform is the future that fax deserves!

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