PayPal and Amazon are both widely used platforms to shop and pay for almost everything online. However, Amazon does not accept payments from PayPal due to two major reasons.

First, PayPal used to be part of eBay; from 2002 until 2015. Amazon is in tight competition with eBay.

Although PayPal is now an independent brand, it remains to be in great partnership with eBay.

Second, PayPal itself is a direct competitor of Amazon’s own payment service – Amazon Pay. Just like PayPal, Amazon Pay is a widely used payment option for third party retailers and merchants.

You cannot use PayPal to pay for Amazon purchases. This may be bad news for PayPal users, but there are workarounds in order to do it.

But before we jump into these steps, have you ever thought of just skipping Amazon and look for other online merchants carrying the same brands that accept PayPal without the hassle? But for the sake of everyone’s curiosity, we will discuss the tricks on how to use your PayPal funds for your Amazon purchases.

How to use PayPal for Amazon?

Using your PayPal account indirectly for your Amazon purchases will solve the problem:

Amazon Gift Cards

You can buy Amazon gift cards from verified sellers using your PayPal account. There are countless online sites where you can purchase these Amazon gift cards that you can then normally used to shop on Amazon.

Once you have purchased the Amazon gift card, all you need to do is add it to your Amazon account. It will not take long for the amount to be credited. Make sure to do this before making any Amazon shopping to void encountering errors during the check-out phase as adding the gift card at the check-out window does not work all the time.

Follow these easy steps to add a PayPal purchased Amazon Gift Card/s:

  • First, login to your Amazon account.
  • Once logged in, go to “My Account”.
  • Click “Apply Gift Card to Your Account”
  • And then, enter the gift card code.
  • Lastly, click the “Apply to Your Balance” option to complete the process.

PayPal Cash Card

This option is best recommended if you intend to regularly use your PayPal balance to do Amazon shopping. This MasterCard cash card can be used directly to pay for the things you buy from Amazon. The card is also accepted anywhere including physical and online shops.

Applying for a PayPal cash card is entirely free. However, the card is not available in all countries, but in the United States, here are the requirements to get a Mastercard PayPal cash card:

  • You must have a verified contact number linked to your Paypal account.
  • You must have a  physical address tied to your PayPal account.
  • Must not have outstanding account issues.
  • And you must confirm your Social Security number and date of birth with PayPal.

Remember, you can also use this MasterCard PayPal cash card to purchase just about anything, anywhere, online or physical shops.  

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