If you are a Mac user, you would want your machine to last forever. Luckily, you can actually take some simple measures to extend the life of the system. The fact is that Macs are known to be the sturdiest and have longer lifetimes than the other personal computers. Just going the extra mile with the maintenance and care can make all the difference to increasing its usable lifetime. Here are some habits and practices that you can follow to achieve the same.

Stay on top of routine maintenance

When it comes to extending the life of your computer, routine maintenance can do a lot. It keeps everything operating optimally and also enables the detection of potential trouble spots before they cause trouble. Start with disk maintenance to keep the drives performing at the peak. Run your Mac in Safe Mode from time to time to perform diagnostic tests and detect issues if any. It is important to clear caches which may cause strange behavior if they become corrupt.

Keep it clean and cool

To start with, the cleanliness of the machine can go a long way in lowering internal temperature. This eliminates the undue strain on internal components and your system ends up lasting longer. While you must clean the body every day, regular inspection is needed to make sure that intake and exhaust vents are not clogged by debris and dust. If you are not really sure about opening the system to clean it from inside, a periodic professional cleanup is a good idea.

Clear the clutter 

While you should clean the hardware, it is equally vital to clear the clutter in terms of unnecessary files and programs that may be cramming up your Mac. It is easy to use tools like clean my mac as they help you clean up the system with only a few clicks. Or you can review and delete them manually but make sure that you check and verify every single one to ensure that you wouldn’t need it subsequently.

Upgrade hardware 

Your Mac’s hardware is likely to slow down over time and you may end up using a lot more resources than when you initially got it. Some simple steps can help you deal with the slowdown and use your Mac for more years. These include increasing the resources by upgrading your RAM and disk storage. While you will get the benefit of additional storage, the system will also avail a speed boost with these steps.

Maintain software with updates 

Apart from hardware updates, regular software updates can also keep your Mac up and running longer. You may be satisfied with the OS version you are using currently and may not really need the features offered by a new version. Still, updating the software gives access to new security and performance improvements that may go a long way in extending your Mac’s lifetime.

Taking these small steps is worthwhile as they can enhance the performance of your Mac right now and also make it last longer. So go ahead and make them a routine! 

Megan Ray Nichols

Megan Nichols is a science writer and editor for Schooled By Science. She enjoys reading and writing about the latest innovations in technology and science.

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