Nowadays, there are technologies with overlapping software and systems support and the usage of Internet in all facets of our life are also going to impact the tech trends of the future. In the past few years, we have seen an exponential rise in mobile and cloud-based implementation and it is only expected to increase, due to the rising usage of smartphones.

Here are the top 8 technology trends, which have the potential to have a profound impact on users and enterprise.

  • On-Demand Business and Technology Services: Business departments are interested in technology-as-a-service and they want it, as soon as the need for it arises. Hence, it is no wonder that the CIO’s are facing a lot of pressure to increase the speed of technology deployment in various sectors such as Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, social and mobile. The focus is also shifting towards the business empowerment governance model from centralized control.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Trends: It is being predicted that soon there would be 25 billion entities connected to the Internet. This would bring the issue of cross-platform and standardization into focus. The hierarchical changes and the issue of cloud-based application implementation will also add another facet to the whole discussion.
  • Socially Enabled Business Processes: Social collaboration tools are increasingly making their debut into the Human Resource departments, which is a far cry from their original destinations of Sales, Service and Marketing. This is being done so as to design and manage business processes in a seamless manner in an innovative way. This will help to create a new breed of connected employees!
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): Researchers and Analysts are predicting that in the next couple of years, the average employee is all set to use between three to five mobile entities. MDM is going to incorporate cloud-based systems, so as to enable quick and easy communication from any kind of mobile device with optimal access and adequate security. 
  • Hybrid Cloud Composition: In the near future, cloud deployment is expected to be a synthesis of system applications and architectures. The hybrid cloud composition is expected to have a customization element, which would afford users to use it, as per their wishes. 
  • Mobile Customer Engagement: Smartphones are the information highways of the future and more than 50% of the mobile users possess a smartphone, hence future tech trends need to focus on this aspect also. Companies need to expand their mobile engagement with disruptive technologies such as Biometric, Analytics, Sensors and Social media.  
  • Battery and Power Technologies: Battery form factor and technology is all its way to becoming an essential component of the future tech trends. Rampant usage of mobiles will shift the focus on step-function battery cost and performance improvement, thus spawning new and innovative business models.
  • Smart Machines: Personal assistants such as SIRI are going to be a future component of the future, in our endeavor for smart machines. Autonomous smart and innovative machines, such as robots will also see a surge in the future!

This infographic by presents interesting insights about the emerging trends that are going to have a progressive and definite impact on our tech future.

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