There is a lot more that we can accomplish today in a day’s work than what our parents managed. This is mainly because the way we do things is smarter and much faster. Typing as opposed to writing, e-mailing as opposed to a visit to the mailbox, a quick phone call as opposed to a walk down the block, these are all great time savers and each of them can be attributed to the technological developments that have exploded into our horizons in the last couple of decades.

Despite all the extra help on offer we are still putting in 12 hour workdays. This shows that there is a lot of improvement still on the cards. While technology will definitely further our convenience this infographic here aims to help us save our valuable time through some cool keyboard shortcuts.

A few of them like Ctrl+A for text selection or Ctrl+P for printing in Windows are fairly well-known.  However, did you know that Ctrl+Shift+T in Chrome can allow you to open the last 10 closed tab or that those pesky tabs in Safari that keep popping up can be closed with a simple Cmd+Option+W.  Check out this infographic for a number of such helpful keyboard shortcuts which can save a few extra minutes in your busy day.50 Keyboard Shortcuts Which Will Change Your Life - infographic

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