Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly users. People use this app to connect with friends and family as well as to promote their businesses and brands. This app is loved by businesses that can reach a much wider audience and market affordably on the app, and one of the ways that they reach their target audience is through hashtags. Hashtags are a big part of social media and are defined as a keyword or a phrase that begins with the # symbol. Hashtags are used to provide more context to a post but also to boost the visibility of the post. By using niche-specific hashtags, you can target your audience and create your community with branded hashtags. If you want to optimize your Instagram experience, you should understand hashtags and how they can be used to help. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because this blog post will list the ultimate Instagram hashtag hacks for 2022.

Use hashtag generator tools & apps

Did you know that Instagram penalizes accounts that use the same hashtag for every single post? To avoid this, you need to personalize your hashtags while still ensuring it matches each post perfectly. One way to effectively do this is to use a free hashtag generator tool and app that helps people generate their hashtags that can convert to higher engagement rates for each post. Among the best hashtag generator tools and apps are Flick, Influencer marketing hub, All Hashtag, Ritetag, and Hashtagify to name just a few. When creating your hashtags you need something unique and also brief. Most importantly, the hashtag needs to be relevant and match the tone of your brand or business.

Use Hyper-Relevant Hashtags

By using popular hashtags such as #instagood #love and #photooftheday, you might manage to score a few likes however, these super saturated hashtags won’t help your account grow. Instead of popular hashtags, try using hashtags that are relevant to your niche because when you use these hashtags, you are going after your target market more specifically. If you are a business, you can also use hashtags that describe your ideal customer so that you can attract that specific type of person. By using hyper-relevant hashtags, you can build a community of like-minded people on IG. They can also help improve the searchability of your content because these hashtags are not saturated.

‘Hide’ your hashtags in the comments

If you do not want your followers or your competition to see the hashtags you have used in your post, you can partly hide them. This is ideal for those posts where you prefer a hashtag-free caption. You can instead add the hashtags in the comments which are still effective but more discreet.

Check your competitions hashtags

Another tip is to check the hashtags that your competition is using. This is a great way to analyze how they are approaching the market and you can use the findings of your investigation to help with the growth and exposure of your own Instagram account. To do this effectively, stalk your competition, go through a few of their posts and see what hashtags they have used. You can take it a step further and click on the hashtag so that you can be taken to the corresponding hashtag page. This will give you a good idea about whether or not using that specific hashtag is a smart move.

Add hashtags to your Insta stories

When you add hashtags to your Instagram stories, you open the door for new audiences to discover your content. When people search hashtags on IG, they will be able to view posts as well as stories. If they like what you have posted, you could potentially gain followers so you should try adding hashtags to your story by either using the hashtag sticker or by using the text tool.

When it comes to hashtags, there are some guidelines. It’s important not to use any symbols or punctuation in your hashtag and if you want your hashtags to be relevant, your account needs to be public. Lastly, never use more than 30 hashtags per post, and always switch up your hashtags every time you post.

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