Social media is the major part of our lives, and is mostly the first thing we check in the morning. An online local services marketplace, Bidvine conducted a survey to find out how old an average profile picture of social media users is. The results were fairly astonishing, as we found most people do not change their picture for up to 4 years.

Bidvine conducted this survey over a bid to explore how public represents themselves online. They involved 2,000 social media and dating site’s users in Britain to find out how updated their profile pictures were.

It was seen that
Tinder and Grindr users change their display picture in 2 to 3 weeks, whereas Instagram and Facebook users switch their display photo in 5 to 6 months on an average.

It was also found that users kept their profile pictures for long on dating websites like Plenty of Fish and with average time being 3.2 years and 4 years respectively.

Bidvine also asked Britishers when they last changed their profile picture on different social media and dating websites. and they found out:

  1. Grindr –average 2 weeks 
  2. Tinder – average 3 weeks 
  3. WhatsApp – average 2.5 months 
  4. Facebook – average 5 months 
  5. Instagram – average 6 months 
  6. SnapChat – average 8 months 
  7. Twitter– average 1.8 years 
  8. LinkedIn – average 2.1 years 
  9. Plenty of Fish – average 3.2 years 
  10. – average 4 years 

About 11% people involved in polling confessed that the picture they put up as display was taken 10 years before.

62% participants on being asked as to why they hadn’t changed their display picture said it had been quite hard to find a picture they were satisfied with. However, 49% respondents simply stated they wanted to look young in their profile.

Also, one out of 4 people never desired to reveal their recent Facebook display pictures to their boss.

CEO of, Sohrab Jahanbani stated that the youth tends to change their display pictures quite frequently, while professionals and dating website users like to keep a certain display picture on their profiles for a long time because they cannot find good pictures of them.

To help such people, Bidvine has planned on taking an initiative to arrange several photo booths at various venues where professional pictures can be taken free of cost. The dates and the venues haven’t been announced yet. However, Bidvine assures to announce them quite soon, so that people could get professional photos for different formal occasions.

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