Mobile phones are now the be all and end all of customer needs, leading the way in a world dictated by the wonders of technology. It however, defeats the purpose of the product when the functional core of the phone, its ability to make calls and connect to people is lost to poor signal reception. Lesser bars on a mobile phone, leads one to think of many possible way to increase the signal reception, to make that all-important call to someone by compromising on the other aspects of the phone or by cursing the service provider. To help those of you facing this problem, here is a list of easy, efficient and most cost-effective way to solve it-

  • Finding The Right Position

Remember the all-important rule that more obstructions lead to lesser signal reception. Trying to make a call from inside a large building or complex structure is always harder than making a call from outdoors. Going to a balcony, or standing near a window always helps. Also going to higher places will improve your signal reception. This method of raising your mobile phone in midair to get more bars is rightly regarded as the Lion King Method, as it reminds one of the scene in which Simba is lifted in the air in Rafiki’s arms.

Holding your cell phone in the right position is as important as your position. In the latest phones, including the iPhone and Nexus, the antenna is positioned in the lower end, hence turning your phone upside down, will lead to better reception.

  • Simple Solutions

Surprisingly mobile battery has a direct relation to how strong your signal appears to be. Your battery might be able to allow you to make a call, but might not be able to find a signal. Keeping your battery higher than 30% is always advised.

It might come to you as yet another surprise that you can use Wi-Fi, to connect to the internet and then make calls. Some phones, which support UMA, can use Wi-Fi as a cell phone signal, in areas of poor signal coverage.

  • Methods That Will Drop Your Jaw

Ever wondered how signal receptivity can be enhanced by household products? Here are a few wacky household products which will amaze you.

1. When All Fails Bring Out That Old Radio…

Videos on YouTube, prove that this off-the-wall method of improving signal reception, actually works. Just connecting your cell phone’s external antenna with the antenna of a radio, using a copper wire, and voila! Your signal reception will probably have reached its maximum potential.

2. Paper Clip To The Rescue…

This method makes improving signal reception, child’s play. Just use a paper clip (available in almost every office or home) and anchor it onto your mobile’s external antenna. Phone companies have finally taken down a lesson in signal reception and are considering the use of paper clip-like conduction to phones.

3. Cola Cans, Anyone?

This is again an unconventional way of improving signal reception, but as long as it works- and believe me, it works- that’s good enough for us. Using two cans of any type, preferably of the same size, you can improve your signal. We suggest cola cans as they are of the exact same size and their dimensions are perfect for better signal reception.

Clean those cola cans thoroughly so that nothing is left behind. Cut one can on the end where there is no opening and then join them both by soldering them. Make a hole in any one can, and put a copper wire in it such that it is properly placed and sits well. Then fix the other end of the copper wire to your phone’s external antenna, and there you are. Don’t be surprised when you see those bars go up.

More Solutions:

Sometimes the best solutions come back to technology itself. Cell phone signal boosters, or cell phone repeaters as they are called, are the best way to boost your signal reception. Leading boosters such as the ones provided by Wilson Amplifiers, are very efficient in improving your signal reception to the maximum extent possible.

Name Of The Game…

Poor signal reception can be a big problem, in such a time and world, where making phone calls are of utmost importance and the severity of this problem might in some cases be very great.

Finally, it is left to you to decide on how to increase your signal reception. There is a plethora of methods to do this, and the ones listed above are in our eyes, the best ways for you to boost your signal, in terms of efficiency, cost and ease.

Dainan Gilmore

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